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What are Micro-credentials?

Micro-Credentials are digital certifications of assessed knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific area or field, which can be a component of an accredited programme or stand-alone courses supporting the learners' professional, technical, academic, and personal development. They are aimed at school leavers who want to get a head start before joining an academic programme or working adults who want to upskill or learn a specific skill, work with rapidly changing technology, and/or acquire specialised skills sought by employers.

Why Choose Micro-credentials at Africa Open Learning?

It is a new learning opportunity. Micro-Credentials at Africa Open Learning are a collection of courses that teach industry-aligned skills and competencies documented by digital badges. We offer over 166 Micro-Credential programmes in different levels (Diploma, Bachelor and Master’s) from various fields like Business & Accounting, Communication Studies, Creative Arts & Design, Hospitality, Engineering, Technology & Innovation and Education. Our Micro-Credentials aim to facilitate your progression into our accredited programmes, where you can solidify your expertise and advance your career.

     Benefits of Micro-Credentials   Accessible
All modules can be accessible on any device like mobile, laptop, etc.
Digital Badges *
You can add your earned badges on LinkedIn, resumes, and social media profiles.
They come in cheaper than a full-fledged Diploma, Bachelor and Master’s.
You have the flexibility to learn at your own comfortable pace and time availability.
Age No Limits
Help remain up to date with the latest advancements in already existing skillsets..


*What are digital badges? 
Micro-credentials are digital badges endorsing the course an individual has completed to upskill. These badges can be added to your personal digital file as academic accomplishments. The best part is that micro-credential badges can be verified with the issuing institution, ensuring that you have a recognised certificate.
Frequenty Asked Question (FAQ)   Are Africa Open Learning’s Micro-Credentials offered online or on campus?
Africa Open Learning's Micro-Credentials offer a flexible online learning format that allows you to take any of our Micro-Credential programmes from anywhere in the world.
What are the minimum requirements to take Micro-Credentials at Africa Open Learning?
Enrolling in Micro-Credentials at Africa Open Learning has no formal entry requirements. However, you must meet the entry requirement to continue your studies to Diploma, Degree or Master's programmes.
Are Micro-Credentials from accredited programmes?
Micro-Credentials are from accredited programmes. In essence, you are studying an accredited course offered through Micro-Credentials.
Can Micro-Credential be given a credit to enrol into Africa Open Learning’s programmes?
Yes, the credits can be transferred. However, the relevant entry requirements are a prerequisite for enrolling in Africa Open Learning’s programmes.