fbpx Micro-credential certification in Qualitative Research RME2024 (BPSY) | Africa Open Learning

This course provides an understanding of the qualitative research methods used to investigate human thought and behavior in Psychology. This course covers the topics of qualitative approaches, a range of data collection methods such as interview and focus groups,different approaches to data analysis which included thematic analysis and IPA and research report writing skill. By completing this course, the students will be able to understand the process and the skills to carry out qualitative research in Psychology related field.

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the Africa Open Learning Platform. 

Endorsement & Recognition: 

This programme is recognized and endorsed by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA), established under the Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act of 2005. 

Entry Requirements: 

Entry Requirements - No 
Age Experience - 23 Years Above 
Language Proficiency - Yes 
Numeracy Proficiency - No 
Pre-requisites - No

  1. Background to Qualitative Methods in Psychology :
    1. What is qualitative research in psychology and was it really hidden? 
    2. How qualitative methods developed in psychology: the qualitative revolution.
  2. How to Collect Qualitative Data :
    1. Qualitative interviewing
  3. How to Collect Qualitative Data :
    1. Focus groups
  4. How to Collect Qualitative Data :
    1. Ethnography/participant observation
  5. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. How to transcribe recordings
  6. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. Thematic analysis 
    2. Using grounded theory
  7. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. Social constructionist discourse analysis and discursive psychology
  8. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. Conversation analysis 
    2. Foucauldian discourse analysis
  9. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. Phenomenology
    2. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA)
  10. Qualitative Data Analysis: 
    1. Narrative analysis 
  11. Successful Writing-Up, Ensuring Quality and Ethical Clearance in Qualitative Research:
    1. How to write a good qualitative report 
    2. How to obtain ethical clearance for qualitative research 
    3. Examples of qualitative report writing: learning to write good reports

Coursework - 60%
Exam - 40%

Credit Transfer: 

 Upon successful completion of this Micro-credential certificationin Qualitative Research (BPSY), students will be able to transfer grades and credits into the following programme(s):

  1. Bachelor of  Psychology
Continuing Education: 

Upon successful completion of this Bachelor of  Psychology programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):

  1. Master of Psychology