fbpx Micro-credential certification in Principles of Marketing KMC2263 (DMC) | Africa Open Learning
It develops an understanding for students on the basic concepts and theories of marketing principles. It allows them to have a clear picture in the development of marketing activities.
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Programme Fee
Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the Africa Open Learning Platform. 

Endorsement & Recognition: 

This programme is recognized and endorsed by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA), established under the Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act of 2005. 

Communication Studies
Entry Requirements: 

Age Experience - 18 Years Above 
Language Proficiency - Yes
Pre-requisites - No

Note: To enter the Diploma In Mass Communication programme's (Pathway) applicants will need to have the following pre-requisites:


i. A pass in senior high school or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any 3 subjects and a credit in English at O level or its equivalent;           

ii. A pass in SKM level 3 and pass senior high school with a credit in English

iii Certificate or its equivalent and a credit in English.

iv A Certificate in Media and Communication or its equivalent

  1. Nature and Scope of Marketing
    1. The core concepts of marketing
    2. Company orientations towards the marketplace
    3. Rapid adoption of marketing management in other business sectors
  2. Marketing information systems 
    1. Concepts and components of marketing information system
  3. Consumer Behaviour and Marketing research
    1. Concepts and components of marketing research process.
  4. Target market strategy
    1. Market segmentation (bases and benefits)
    2. Market targeting
    3. Market Positioning
  5. Product and product strategy.
    1. What is product
    2. Levels of product
    3. Classification of product
    4. Product mix decision
  6. Brand and branding decision
    1. Packaging and labelling decision
    2. New product development process"
  7. Pricing
    1. Pricing of a product
    2. Pricing approaches.
    3. Pricing strategies
    4. Managing price change Placement (Distribution)
    5. Nature of marketing channels
    6. Channel design decision
    7. Evaluating channel members
    8. Physical distribution system
  8. Designing communication and promotional mix strategy 
    1. Communication process
    2. AdvertisingSales promotion
    3. Publicity
    4. Promotions budget
  9. Managing The Market Effort 
    1. Planning, organizing and implementing marketing programs
    2. Marketing planning process
    3. Marketing organisation
    4. Marketing implementation

Assignment - 50%
Final Exam - 50%

Credit Transfer: 

Upon successful completion of this Micro-credential certification in Principles of Marketing (DMC), students will be able to transfer grades and credits into the following programme(s):

  1. Diploma in Mass Communication
Continuing Education: 
Upon successful completion of this Diploma in Mass Communication programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):
  1. Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons)
Career Opportunities: 

Content Marketing Writer, Adveritising Executive, Copywriter