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This course deals with the advanced features of spreadsheet software and accounting software package. The applications of spreadsheet in the area of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Management are introduced. This course also provides instructions on how to set up computerized accounting information system for businesses. The coverage includes using General Ledger and Financial Reporting System to set up accounting records, recording the business transactions and printing financial reports. The syllabus will also cover the computer based transaction processing and accounting records. This course will expose the student with the risk exposures in Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS), what are the Internal Control Structure (ICS), security measures in CBIS and data coding in computer-based systems.

Note: Subject relates to Diploma in Accounting

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the Africa Open Learning Platform. 

Endorsement & Recognition: 

This programme is recognized and endorsed by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA), established under the Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act of 2005. 

Business & Accounting
  1. Introduction to Accounting Information System (AIS)
  2. Controlling The Computer Based Information System (CBIS)
  3. Sql Accounts
  4. Overview of Microsoft Excel 2000 Functions And Key Applications
  5. Excel Application In Financial Accounting
  6. Excel Application In Management Accounting                 
  7. Excel Application In Financial Management

Assignment 1 - 20% 
Assignment 2 - 30% 
Final Examination - 50% 

Credit Transfer: 
Upon successful completion of this Micro-credential certification in IT Application in Accounting (DIA), students will be able to transfer grades and credits into the following programme(s):
  1. Diploma in Accounting
Continuing Education: 
Upon successful completion of this Diploma in Accounting programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):
  1. Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (BAF)
  2. Bachelor of Business Management(BBM)
Career Opportunities: 

Equip students with a comprehensive understanding of various essential aspects and showcase the varied positions where the fusion of IT and accounting expertise is crucial for thriving in today's business environment.