fbpx Micro-credential certification in Financial Accounting 1 FIN2254 (BAF) | Africa Open Learning
This course aims to provide students with an introductory framework of financial accounting based upon the need to understand the operational aspects of financial control systems.  Its primary objectives are to familiarize students with the basic concepts and skills inherent in financial accounting and to make them aware of the importance of control in the industry.  The course also introduces presentation of Financial Statements and  creates awareness on IFRS/MFRS Regulatory and Conceptual Framework as the course is designed to progressively broaden and deepen the knowledge, skills & professional values demonstrated by the students on their way to achieving preofessional qualifications.

Note: Subject relates to Bachelor of Accounting & Finance

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the Africa Open Learning Platform. 

Endorsement & Recognition: 

This programme is recognized and endorsed by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA), established under the Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act of 2005. 

Business & Accounting
Entry Requirements: 

Entry Requirements - No 
Age Experience - 19 Years Above 
Language Proficiency - Yes 
Numeracy Proficiency - No 
Pre-requisites - No

  1. Accounting Concepts And Principles (Ias 1)
  2. Accounting Standards & Equation (Ias 1)
  3. Types Of Business Entities
  4. The Use Of Double Entry & Accounting System (Ias 1)
  5. Recording Transactions & Events (Including Cashbook) (Ias 1)
  6. Preparing Trial Balance
  7. Preparing Basic Financial Statements (Ias 1)
  8. Year End / Closing Adjustments
  9. Petty Cashbook
  10. Bank Reconciliation

Assignment 1 - 20% 
Assignment 2 - 30% 
Final Examination - 50% 

Credit Transfer: 
Upon successful completion of this Micro-credential certification in Financial Accounting 1 (BAF), students will be able to transfer grades and credits into the following programme(s):
  1. Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
Continuing Education: 

Upon successful completion of this Bachelor of Accounting & Finance programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):

  1. Master of Financial Planning 
  2. Master of Accountancy 
  3. Master of Business Administration (Global   Business)
  4. Master of Business Administration (General Management) 
Career Opportunities: 

The knowledge that the students learn from this subject will enhance their  skills and knowledge of the basic understanding of financial accounting and financial statements. Career Opportunities: Accountants, Accounts Executives, Financial Executives